Gips  Calcast 100 25Kg bag

Gips Calcast 100 25Kg bag

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Malling Plaster or Calcast 100

Tip!! if you order more than a package of 25 kg, it is best to create separate orders for each 25 kg. This saves you expensive transport costs for a pallet shipment.

Calcast 100 is an extremely fine white ß plaster, suitable for casting less durable art objects and for general use eg making molds for bronze casting. Add 1 part chamotte to 1 part plaster. Also very suitable for molds intended for casting clay due to the high moisture absorption. Of course you can also use this plaster to pour in cement and the like directly and to cut the mold off later. Also suitable for making support molds. Reinforce the plaster with several layers of burlap.

Compressive strength 12Mpa (after 28 days) casting time 10 minutes, start bonding 11 minutes, end bonding 35 minutes. Mixing ratios 18 liters of water on 25 kg plaster slowly add the Calcast 100 to the water. Leave it all for about 1 minute. Follow these mixing ratios carefully for a good end result! When deviating from these recommended mixing ratios or by adding additives other than BICK Chamotte to the water plaster mixture, there is a risk of a lower quality end product.

Unfortunately, plaster cannot be returned. This is because we cannot guarantee the storage quality of the plaster during the period that it was "outdoors".